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logo_hwz is the leading online I.T. portal in Asia Pacific, covering the latest trends in technology with in-depth reviews, commentary and price information. is also the largest online community in Singapore with over 400,000 members. The forums houses over 50 active discussion channels including lifestyle topics like travel, learning, and grooming. From a modest 5 million page views a month in 2001 to a stirring 45 million with over 1.6 million unique visitors from all over the globe, the strong growth is a humble recognition of the appeal commands in a highly competitive industry. was sold to Singapore Press Holdings in 2006.


HWM, or HardwareMAG, started as an IT magazine serving the Singapore community since July 2001.Today, eight years later, it has become South-East Asia’s premier consumer technology title with independent editions in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia, outside of Singapore. HWM prides itself for its top-notched in-depth reviews, thought-provoking feature stories and Award-winning product shootouts, giving consumers in all five countries the Power to Decide in their tech-buying decisions and knowledge every month.

HWM was sold to Singapore Press Holdings in 2006.


clickTRUE is an online consulting firm helping brand owners strategise, design and build captivating experiences for the Web. Specialising in Search and Conversion strategies, we boost clients’ website visibility to attract relevant visitors. Upon getting the traffic, we then convert these visitors to customers by delivering a compelling onsite experience, thus creating a holistic online marketing strategy from start to finish.


noisycrayons is a digital-creative agency. We help brands build meaningful digital connections with passionate consumers. We strategise storyboards and concepts to help brands make friends with their target audience. We deliver word-of-mouth digital marketing programmes through a consumer-centric approach focused on influencer activation, big idea creation, creative communication and emerging-media application deployment.

The social media business is acquired by clickTRUE Pte Ltd in 2019.


pHing means vibrant, fun and full of life. pHing helps you connect with your community. It's free and easy to use. You can find everything you need from housing to furniture, from jobs to new friends and more. pHing was created because we realized that the real world need a good place to stay connected, to do their buying and selling, to help each other. In pHing, we hope to make easy daily events like finding your dream apartment, look for that dream job, find friends with similar interests, broadcast community events, tell people about your services and products. pHing is a general interests destination where we can do all that and help each other in life. We aim to create the best ready buyers and ready sellers environment.


The French Cellar imports French wines directly from vineyards, carefully selected by sommelier Mr. Nicolas Rebut, former Chef Sommelier of the 3-star Michelin restaurants, Louis XV (Monaco) and Le Meurice (Paris).

Their goal is to bring the best wines France has to offer, at great value to their members. The French Cellar allows members to discover two beautiful tasting wines every month, exclusively through our platform, thanks to a special and personal relationship between the sommelier and winemakers in France. All the wines enjoy free delivery to the comfort of our members' home with wine tasting notes, written by the sommelier, so that members can enjoy an epicurean wine journey, learn more about the wines, winemakers and vineyards with us.

The French Cellar is pioneering the Wine Subscription E-commerce Model into Asia.

The French Cellar business is acquired by Wala Technology in 2019.


MixRank is a Customer Discovery Platform that helps sales teams automate lead prospecting and find new customers. MixRank scans millions of companies, websites, and mobile apps, automatically identifies the ones most likely to become your most valuable customers, and instantly delivers them to your sales team as high quality, up to date leads. By automating lead generation and prospecting, MixRank frees sales teams to focus on closing deals. Sales teams that use MixRank experience significantly shorter sales cycles, lower cost per lead, and increased conversion rates. Hundreds of customers, from the fastest growing startups to major enterprises rely on MixRank as the highest quality source of leads for their sales team.